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Veriest Venture Serbia

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Milentija Popovića 5a, Novi Beograd, Beograd



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Veriest is an international design house providing ASIC / IP / FPGA design and verification services. Veriest's portfolio of clients includes the full range of globally established industry leaders, defense companies and startups developing high-end chip technology. With headquarters in Israel and R&D centers in Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Nis), our 100+ engineers have made their mission to provide customers with superior solutions that include architecture design, design implementation for digital and mixed-signal designs, system modeling, functional and formal verification, and embedded software.

Poslovanje sa inostranstvom:

Israel, SAD, EU.

Broj zaposlenih:


Potreban obrazovni profil:

Faculty of electronic engineering (ETF, FTN, EF in Nis)

Zahtevani broj godina studija:


Poželjne dodatne veštine, znanja ili osobine:

Basics of digital electronics and programming. Knowledge of digital IC infrastructure, ASIC/FPGA, Embedded SW is a plus.

Zahtevani nivo poznavanja stranih jezika:

English language – upper intermediate level.

Rad na računaru:

By default.

Radno iskustvo:

Not required. Veriest hires graduates without experience, as well as experienced engineers. We are offering paid professional technical training for new employees.

Posebni zahtevi:

Readiness for occasional traveling abroad- business trips.

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Danijela Petrovic

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Uža specijalnost:

ASIC Architecture design, Digital, and mixed-signal design implementation, System modeling, Functional and Formal verification, FPGA design and Embedded software.

Dodatne informacije:

During more than 12 years of operations, our team has accumulated a wealth of experience through involvement in cutting edge projects at the forefront of semiconductor technology. Driven by two main objectives: quality of deliverables and on-time delivery, we are offering unrivaled quality standards in terms of both service and knowledge in the area of VLSI Design and Verification (ASIC and SoC) as well as Embedded SW development.

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Prakse u ponudi:

Design and Verification Engineer (Digital, Mixed-Signal Design and Verification), FPGA Engineer, Embedded Software Developer.